In this section are presented differents nautical Mercator charts in scales: Plans in scale 1:500 - 1:10,000 are provide guidance for ships in ports, harbors, bays, on raids, etc. Charts in scale 1:10 000 - 1:75 000 are designed to ensure the safety of navigation in areas with difficult navigation and hydrographic, in narrow ...


In this section presents the albums with navigation maps of various marine areas. In the left menu you can choose different, suited to your needs, edition.Charts of Estonia compiled by Estonian Maritime Administration can be used by both professional and recreational mariners. It provides the user with the information on the nature of the ...


In this section presents the different books, such as sailing directions, books about the lights and signs, such as the Baltic Sea, handbooks abuot sea law, etc. Go to a specific section you can click on the menu on the left.