The MCA have notified IYT of changes to their logo and how IYT and their partner schools that offer MCA recognized courses are allowed to use it. 

These are the logos, that they have provided to date. IYT will be altering their certificates that are MCA recognized to have this logo as opposed to the prior red ensign logo 

  • IYT may use these logos on the front page of the IYT website and publications.
  • Partner schools approved to teach/offer the IYT Master of Yachts (MOY) courses (MOY Inshore, Coastal, Limited & Unlimited) may use these logos on the front page of their website.
  • IYT and partner schools that are approved to offer MCA recognized certificates (ICC, Small Powerboat & RIB Master, Master of Yachts Inshore, Coastal, Limited & Unlimited) may use this logo on their website and publications next to the course that is recognized by the MCA.
  • IYT and partner schools must not use the logo to infer that any publication produced is an official MCA publication and therefore not on any boat show stands.

The Royal Coat of Arms is not to be smaller than 5mm across or less than 60 pixels.

IYT will be auditing school's websites and social media pages to ensure the logo is being used according to these guidelines.  Any school found not adhering to their wishes will risk losing their approval to offer MCA recognized courses.

IYT realizes that changes to websites and publications will take some time, therefore, IYT asks that all changes be made by May 1, 2018.  IYT will begin auditing websites on that date, therefore, we (partner schools) fulfill the requirements from IYT by this date.  

IYT respectfully asks that any boat shows planned from today forward not include the MCA logo on show displays.  IYT does however, realizes that there may be brochures and materials printed for handouts, so they may be used.  



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