Pleasure crafts operators training

Pleasure crafts operators training

The school trains pleasure crafts operators to receive international certificate of navigator. International certificate of navigator gives the right to drive any small boat of up to 24 meters without limiting the power of the engine, the area of the sail and the region, in fact all over the world.

Every student, who was trained in our Centre under the special program, and successfully passed the exam may apply for international certificate of navigator. This course involves obtaining knowledge of navigation, shipbuilding, theory of international law of the sea, medicine, hydrometeorology, COLREG, GMDSS, MARPOL, SOLAS, etc.

Experienced skippers and yachtsmen can take the exam without attending lectures. The program also involves mandatory maritime practice.

International certificate of navigator issued by the Estonian Bureau of the Ministry of transport to a student who successfully passed the exam. The exam is controlled by the Estonian maritime administration.



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